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Waste of money

Every time i try to bring a call in i can’t here anything. Don’t buy this app!!


I downloaded this app after that I want to start running it but when i was entering my phone number , error occurred in the server Uh ...😔

Its not working

No good at all and not working

Never a better service!

I wasn’t much of a fan due to the fact that it didn’t record directly to my phone. However, it is an easy system to use and it’s other features like fax and scanning abilities have yet to fill me in the three years I’ve been using it.…… I would still much prefer to have it record directly to my phone, and about the only other complaint which is why I liked it recording directly to the phone is the fact that I got a dial in number to reach a service and then wait for a beep and then call or receive the call. The service next to anybody else’s by far for me has been the best suitable app for my needs, thank you very much!

No da la aplicación

No da la aplicación en mi iPhone X en Bolivia

Call recorder

I am download the but the registration not working please get me my money back or fix the issue thanks

Confirmation error

I couldn’t even use the application, it does’t confirm the mobile phone number i tried many times.when i enter phone number to get confirmation code it gives me ( An error occurred Failed to connect to server. Try again later ).

Not good

Waste of money

buyer beware

good app but even if you buy it eventually it requires monthly subscription. may not be bad for a true business, but for personal it’s a ripoff!! scam

Register FAILED !!!!

This app can’t working, Can’t register Return my money please

Call recording

I am download this app but not working error registration fail pls tell him please gave me my money back not working.. I requested you Thanks you Appreciate..


البرنامج لا يعمل لماذا السرقة 😡😡😡

Worst app ever

I tried in good faith, to use this "phone recording app" only to discover the "hidden" charges. Without going into detail about the actual cost, it became apparent that I couldn't even use it, because the instructions were ridiculously hard to follow. Finally I tried my best to contact them with no avail. I'm still in the process of trying to deactivate and get my money back for this app. I hate it.

سيء جدا ولا يعمل

البرنامج لا يعمل وتم استقطاع قيمته بدون فائده اود استرجاع المبلغ وحذف البرنامج

Mal servicio



I thought it was a single payment, not that I had to pay monthly

No work

I can't activated. I try for 3 days and nothing!!! Says error !!! Server

Nice app

I love it.. I use it a lot when talking to banks or billings department.. this app has made me save 4 digits USD.. guys you should go to market using this comments.

Very good

It really works good on my iphone 6plus and the good things is if you want to prove your conversation and someone lies with your conversation and they didnt know their being recorded, you can send it by Email, SMS,.. thank you!!

Lost money and time

Liar app, I can never record, I have an iphone 6s with the latest update and it still does not work. App lie. Don't buy this trash...


It's ok

No activation code

I put my number in and never received an activation code. I sent them an email and they responded for me to put my phone number in. (No crap) I tried multiple times. Please fix bug. It has been a waste of money


Waste of money

No good

Not good could never get the activation code to come through it said contact customer support but don't see where to do that

Cancel this app is not working



Doesn't work. Tried three times to get the activation code sent to me. Never received it.

I don't know

Works, except for the beep that everyone hears every 20 or 30 seconds... tips off people that the conversation is being recorded

Very good

Good app, works fine. And so useful.

Never works

I've tried this app multiple times. It never gives me the option to merge calls or ever even calls the targets number. Do not purchase!!!

Works well for me

Excellent tool for a lawyer. Recommend.

Aplicación no funciona

Adquirí la aplicación call recorder hace varias semanas y al día de hoy no me permite conectarlo. Siempre indica error en la red! Próximamente solicitaré el reembolso de mi dinero.


This app is crap !!!

Hidden FEES!!! If it's true then no good!

I like the idea of the app but only if I pay just once to use the app but if there's a monthly fee and even worse if it varies then I want my money back and cancel me out!


This app is crap. Need refund

Doesn't work

Do not buy this app as it does not work as advertised.

It doesn't record in USA

This app doesn't record I need my refund ASAP!!

Highly recommend

May be what a lot of people been waiting for....

Not easy to use and does not save on phone.

You have to call and combine calls to record. Absolute crap. The recording is done elsewhere. Who knows where it ends up.

Waste of money

Doesn't even work

Best recorder I ever purchased!

I've downloaded a couple of these apps and they pretty much operate the same way but this one is honestly the easiest one to use and the layout is very easy to operate as well. It's not only good for business use but it's great for personal use as well. That's what I use it for. I definitely recommend purchasing this app for only $10 of your looking for a quality recorder.


This app does not work. It's a piece of junk

Not working

It is very difficult to hear the other party never hear

Do not buy it

Definitely not worth $9.99 incoming calls not working extremely difficult to use not :(

Not work

This app is not working , waste of money I hat it

Great stuff!!!

This is theee most useful app I have ever needed for doing news stories at the radio station! Finally a way to record both sides!!!


Great regrets in getting this app. It does record but had problems with incoming calls that would be disconnected before I could answer. Way over priced. Feel like I just gave this developer a $10 Christmas present with my purchase of this app! 😞

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